Oct 19, 2016

RECAP: Supernatural Season 12, Episode 1

It’s alright Cass, computers scare us too.

When Supernatural’s first episode aired in 2014, the goal was to get through one season. Then it was three and finally five seasons, where Eric Kripke’s vision for the brother’s story was realized.

So when the show aired its 12th season premiere last Thursday, it needed a way to keep it fresh.

Supernatural delivered by bringing back a long dead character – Mom.

We knew Mary would be back because of the devious cliffhanger from last season, but three months might not have prepared us for all the emotions when Dean and Mary were finally reunited, even if she did knock him to the ground first. No one messes with Mama Winchester.

Mary and Dean’s scenes were some of the most poignant and humorous of the episode. Dean recapped her life with John to prove who he was. Mary was saddened when she learned her sons were both hunters – the one thing she didn’t want for her children. I could have watched an entire episode of Dean and Mary talking while sitting on a park bench because we got to see what Dean always wanted. Remember, all the way back in Season 2 in “What Is and What Should Never Be” when the djinn granted Dean his greatest wish it was that his mother was still alive.

But we couldn’t just sit on the bench all day because Sam is out there and has no idea that Dean and his mother are both alive. The two make it back to the bunker and find Sam’s blood. Sam has been shot at the end of last season, but luckily it hit him in the leg and doesn’t seem to too disastrous. Castiel shows up after being banished and now they are on the hunt to find Sam, but not before taking a trip down memory lane.

Mary sees ‘Baby,’ the 1967 Chevy Impala that Dean inherited from his father, and gets all happy as she stares at the back seat. Dean smiles back and nods his head before realizing this is not the memory he wants burned into his brain. He was probably conceived in the back of that vehicle – and kids everywhere were grossed out for Dean.  

As Mary tries to grasp this new world filled with smartphones and angels, she should provide some interesting moments in future episodes. Although the same may not be said for the British division of the Men of Letters storyline. Sam had been shot in the leg, cleaned up by a veterinarian, and tortured for information. But seeing as how Sam has been tortured by Lucifer himself, there wasn’t anything that Lady Toni could do that would break him.

In fact, he nearly escapes, but the episode ends with Sam still stuck in the basement of an old house with Lady Toni looking as though she has no idea what she got herself into. It’s been reported that the Men of Letters will be enemies and allies throughout the season, but so far the storyline dragged as the intent of the Men of Letters isn’t clear just yet.

We know they are smart. They are bad asses. They also have really cool toys. But they also weren’t interested in helping before. So why now?

It would have made more sense to reach out much sooner and give assistance to Dean and Sam to make America as demon-safe of England. Since the last demon-related death occurred in 1965, it would have been nice to offer some help. Ah, but then we wouldn’t have a season 12.

The tough part for Sam is he thinks Dean is still dead and doesn’t know someone is out there looking for him. And we will be a gooey mess when Dean and Sam are reunited again.

Those weren’t the only storylines in the season premiere. Lucifer is still free and leaving a slew of bodies in his wake as he searches for a vessel. Crowley is on the case looking for the Big Bad Man.

Quote of the episode:
Mary: “Is that a computer?”
Castiel: “Yes. I don’t trust them.”

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