Jun 8, 2014

What I wrote about this week

I recently attended BookExpo America, and I am still sorting through all the notes for articles I plan to write. There should be at least four or five more articles in the works from BEA.

This is the second year in a row I attended the event. The first year, I was completely unprepared for it while I brought a little bag and carried too many books. I was smarter this time around by limiting the books I picked up and bringing a much bigger bag.

Here are the posts from Teleread on my trip to BEA so far:

Publishing houses -- at least Simon & Schuster -- not avoiding fan fiction

Novelry looks to be the online bookstore when it comes to discoverability

Over at Books and Pals, where I get a chance to read indie books, two of my reviews were posted. One was on a fictional baseball book and the other took place in a dystopian future.

Hang a Crooked Number

Far Out

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