May 2, 2014

Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called | Patricia Briggs

Summary: The introduction of Mercedes Thompson, a stubborn mechanic who wants to keep to herself. But other people don’t intend on leaving her alone. Mercy lives next door to an Alpha werewolf and they don’t always play nice as she can change into a coyote. However, when her new employee, a newly made, lone wolf from out of town ends up dead on her doorstep and the Alpha is attacked and his daughter kidnapped, Mercy’s instincts kick in to help.

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Review: I started backwards, reading the seventh book in the series first. I enjoyed that book so much, I went back to the beginning.

I can see why readers have enjoyed the Mercy Thompson series. She’s a fiery, independent woman who doesn’t want to take people’s crap. She doesn’t seek trouble, yet it has a way of landing on her doorstep.

What I found intriguing was the development of certain relationships. I know where Mercy ends up – because I read the seventh book – but watching the journey unfold is fun.

The first book by Patricia Briggs is a great set up. We learn about Mercy, how she grew up, and the world that now surrounds her. Mercy navigates these obstacles the best she can, but it’s inevitable that she runs into problems because she is stubborn and doesn’t want to be submissive to anyone – including the pack Alpha who lives next door.

In Mooncalled, Mercy rescues Adam, the Alpha, and saves his life more than once. She also helps save his kidnapped daughter. While Mercy works out reasons behind the attack, some of her ideas were a bit of a stretch, and I actually found the “big reveal” to be a little far-fetched. It didn’t detract from the fun nature of Mooncalled, and the Mercy Thompson series is one I will continue reading.

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