May 12, 2014

Book accessories for under $5

Everywhere I look, I see owls.

I think owls have replaced mustaches as the next trendy thing. My nieces have owl everything I noticed. They made a mother’s day card for grandma, it was decorated with owls.

So here’s a cute gift for someone who likes owls, and likes to read. These i-clips owl magnets page markers are only $3.55.

As a bonus for anyone who likes to read in the dark or in poor lighting, here is a portable, foldable LED reading light . You can clip it to a book, or likely on the edge of on e-reader. I used to have something similar for my Nook, but I certainly didn’t pay $1.54 for it, which is the price right now on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, check out these Tiffany paper bookmarks , which are $1.50 for 12. 

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