Apr 28, 2014

Review: The Picture of Cool by Laurie Boris

The Picture of Cool | Laurie Boris

Summary: Charlie is a television producer that meets an interesting man who is a guest on the show. The two connect, but Adam has a secret that could tear his family apart.

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Review: When reading a book about people and seminal moments, the characters have to be believable. They need to feel real and not as though they are forced into a moment for the sake of a story.

Boris did everything right in The Picture of Cool.  

The characters are real and in situations easily imagined. The pain Charlie feels as he pines for Adam is something that any person can relate to. Their relationship is gradual and sweet.

It doesn’t matter that the main characters are gay, anyone should be able to enjoy this book.

Boris leaves a note at the end stating she intends to make these characters part of a longer book, and one I fully intend to read. I actually wanted to learn more about the characters, including some of the supporting cast. The Picture of Cool is an easy, smooth read where the reader is pulled into the lovely story. 

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