Apr 15, 2014

Picking up a baseball gig

Writing about baseball has been one of my favorite things. Covering ball games, talking to players, dissecting the nuances of the game.

I love it all.

Almost two years ago, I stopped writing about baseball because -- what I tell people -- I took a desk job. I became on editor at Beckett Media where I write about trading cards and collectibles.

For the most part, I rarely write about baseball. In fact, I write about every other main sport.

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted one of the editors of It's About the Money. It's a blog dedicated to the New York Yankees. Luckily, they were happy to have me write for the. So far, I wrote a couple of game recaps, but I also wrote three other posts.

Bernie Williams should be celebrated with The Core Four

Replay slowing the pace of baseball games; is it worth it?

Why players don't care about Michael Pineda's "dirt"

Check out the site, especially if you are into baseball. There are a lot of interesting writers over there who have a lot of thought-provoking things to say about baseball and the Yankees. I am happy to write about baseball again.

I hope you enjoy my contributions.

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