Jan 28, 2014

Why titles matter

Lost Girls.

The title gives off a negative connotation. Maybe that was the intent or maybe the author and editors were oblivious.

Robert Kolker wrote about the Long Island serial killer who dumped the bodies of at least four prostitutes in a marshy area along the shore area.

But the title bothered me.

A girl is someone who is under 18 years old. That’s the way I have always felt. Once a female hits 18, she considered a legal adult.

When you start referring to females who are 22-27 as girls, you trivialize who they are as much as others who did so because they were prostitutes. These “girls” had to live more difficult lives than most people who will read this book.

Titles are important to grab readers’ attention, but they shouldn’t insult the subjects in the process.

I wrote a full review on Goodreads here

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