Dec 11, 2013

I'm writing

I've started writing.

Well, I'm always writing, but this is for me and not for work.

I spent the last several days reading old stories of mine -- all those stories I started and somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 words I abandoned. The sad part is some of the scenes are really good.

Some of the stories are also similar. Since I have already written 7K words on a story I really like a lot and think about often, this the one I am pushing myself to finish. I am also taking scenes from other similar stories that can definitely fit.

It's funny to read some of the stories because the characters are similar in like three of them. I actually think they are the same characters with different names (sometimes). So, I have a story working here by adding other short stories.

Well, it's time to get it done.

I've read if you want to get things done, you should put it out there for the public and announce it to people because you are more likely to follow it.

So, here goes ... I'm writing.

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