Aug 11, 2013

Breaking Bad is back tonight; I'm nervous

Breaking Bad is back tonight. You already knew this.

I’ve never been so excited for the return of a television show. Of course, there were shows when I was younger that I hated going into summer hiatus with those silly cliffhangers. However, as an adult, I feel this is the best show I’ve ever watched.

I need to know how the end begins.

This is the only time I have ever had to wait for Breaking Bad. I didn’t watch it through its first four seasons.  I was only turned on to it about two to three months ago after my boyfriend watched the entire run of the series in about a week when was away for work. He told me I needed to watch and I don’t regret that decision at all.

It took me a little longer to watch than a week – about two months. I would watch a show or two at a time and then go three to four days without watching for work or other reasons. But I never felt as though I had to wait.

I’ve now been waiting for two weeks – which really isn’t a long time.

But it feels like the entire summer. Ugh, hurry up 9 p.m.!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

I have thought about the beginning of the last season, where the title of the first season was called "Live Free or Die." Vince Gilligan started the season in a flash forward. Walter is having a 52nd birthday breakfast. He has more hair than normal and an ID from New Hampshire (he looks more like Malcolm's dad). He meets Bobby from Supernatural (AKA the gun dealer) in the bathroom and purchases a rifle. He also is coughing when he goes outside.

So, I think, who does Walter want dead? Throughout the season, that person changed. However, all the people I thought it might have been died.

So, now who is it?

1.       Jesse because he flipped on him to Hank
2.       Better Call Saul because he flipped!
3.       Lydia? (No.)
4.       His wife!!
5.       Hank

It may not be any of these people, but right now, I feel these are the most logical.

I also keep thinking about how the season will end. Right now, I feel strongly  Walter White has to die.

He’s done too much, has become such a different person – and there is always that pesky cancer thing – that I just cannot see how Walter survives the show.

These are the things I constantly think about.

Oh well, in just a few loooong hours, the beginning of the answers will start to unravel. I have no other way of describing the start of tonight’s show other than the feeling I’ve had when my favorite team is in the Super Bowl.

The daylong excitement, the sheer anticipation of what could happen. You’re about to watch something great, but by the end of the night you’re exhausted. In this case, however, I don’t think I’ll have a feeling of disappointment.

I’ll just be frustrated having to wait one more week. 

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