May 14, 2012

Charlaine Harris confirms end to Sookie Stackhouse series

Charlaine Harris made it official today when she posted on Facebook that Book 13 Dead After All in the Sookie Stackhouse series would be the last.

It's never too early to start marketing for that book either.

As you can see in Harris' post, the date of the release of the next and final book is May 2, 2013.

With the way the last book Deadlocked ended (check out my review here) it left Sookie's love life up in the air, but it seemed as though Sookie was leaning in a certain direction.

Many of the comments on Harris' page were positive and don't want the series to end, but now just might be the right time.

I've met several people who have stopped reading the books because the last three to four of them got kind of stale. Sookie's love life was always at the center of the books, but some readers have given up and don't care to see how it ends.

Perhaps they're just waiting for the spoilers.

What do you think? Was this the right time for Harris to end her series?

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