May 21, 2012

Ad Age: Google+ more like a ghost town

I needed a Google+ invite badly when the social media was in its earliest stages. When one showed up in my inbox before many of my friends and colleagues, I thought I was cooler than everyone.

I signed up, followed a couple of people I knew on the site and wrote a post.

I might have been back about a dozen times since then. Instead, my time is usually spent on Twitter, Instagram, reading RSS feeds or working. Occasionally, Facebook works its way into the mix. But never Google+.

This article by Ad Age “Google+ aGhost Town as Brands Decamp for Pinterest” doesn't come as a surprise. I'm even on Pinterest too, but even my usage in that has waned.

“The broad consensus is that Google+ is an empty city where the masses go to set up a profile but then seldom return.”

That sounds about right.

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