Feb 13, 2012

The self-epublishing bubble

The sustainability of the eBook world has long been debated from everything as to why paper books are better than electronic ones to the prices being so low – of even free – it's going to cause readers to run away.

The Guardian's Ewan Morrison has an interesting article on eBooks and self-publishing. He writes about the “The self-epublishing bubble” and after market research and analysis, he talks about beliefs in where this little world is headed.

He based his article on ideas from economist Hyman Minsky, who developed what he thought were seven stages of a bubble.

The last stage is the one that goes pop.

Is that where ebooks are headed?

Perhaps we are in a bubble right now and things look rosy for many reasons. Is it something that can sustain? I don't know. But I do think ebooks are not going away.

There has been such a shift toward digital by everyday people they are going to read books. Not everyone wanted to pay for paper books either. Some, including myself, would rather go to the library than purchase a hardcover for $19.99 or more when a book first comes out.

But I still read, and occasionally bought. I found that I actually bought more books for my ereader than I did paper books.

What do you think of Morrison's article?

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