Feb 10, 2012

Penguin creates Twitter book club #readpenguin

Penguin Publishing is using its social media presence to engage readers in a unique way. The publishing company has created a book club on Twitter.

All you need to do be part of the club is get a copy of the selected book of the month. 

The company is starting with The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.

And being part of the book club is really simple. Just use the hashtag #readpenguin when talking about the book. However, those participating in the club should monitor the @Penguinusa account because it will say what page they are on. This way, there are no spoilers for those who ahead of the rest of the pack.

It's an intriguing idea because it gets readers picking up Penguin Publishing whether it's a copy from a bookstore or even one from the library. This marketing method created a buzz for a book that will have people talking across social media channels.

Another way to entice readers to join the club, Penguin has said that the author will be joining in on the conversation throughout the month as well. Brown is currently on a book tour and will chine in when she can.

Marketing buzz, a book club and author participation. This seems like a winning combination for Penguin. Really, the hashtag says Penguin's aim. The company is trying to get more people to read books publishsed by Penguin.

I'm thinking about joining the group. I'm curious to see how this experiment works.

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