Feb 3, 2012

Getting another chance after publication

Last month, I wrote a post titled “Should eBook editing be allowed post-game?

At the time, I more against it than I was for it. I felt that ebooks were much like regular books – although I know there are several different printings with many books – in that the books should be held sacred.

Sacred might be too harsh of a word, but books to some people are tools to escape and become part of a different reality. Many people enjoy their books in ways that others enjoy food, wine and even intense work outs.

After reading several self-published books, I've changed my mind. I'm now in the camp that there should be editing allowed even after a novel or short story is published, especially through sites such as Smashwords. The books just need to be clearly labeled in the beginning that it's the second or third publishing of a work.

There have been some books I read through Smashwords and thought: “This could be a good book if only ...”

It doesn't need to be an 'if.' There are people out there who have fantastic stories to tell. It's the telling part that many people have difficulty doing. There are many elements to a story, so the first time you publish something and it doesn't turn out right does not mean the author is a failure.

This is an opportunity to work on items and get them right.

So, while I think editing is OK after an initial publication, I just feel the author needs to be transparent and be forward in what they changed if they are asked.

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