Jan 4, 2012

Almost there - just one more thing to do

George R.R. Martin writes long.

There's nothing wrong with that, especially when it works well in his fantasy novels. My only issue is that I am currently reading the fourth book and want to finish it before I start anything new.

I think I don't have much more to go. I got the book in a four-pack bundle for my ereader, so apparently I only have a 100 or so more pages to go before I am done.

One of the toughest things about ereaders is actually gauging how much of a book is left. While the actual page count is there, sometimes there are extra pages at the end of books that aren't part of the story. Can't just flip to the back on this one.

However, once I am done, which will hopefully be in the next day or so, the first eBook I plan to read is The Beat” A Baseball Short Story.” We'll start off easy – just 8,840 words.

That should take me less time than it's taken to read “A Feast for Crows.”

I've scoured Smashwords to find new books. If anyone has anything to recommend, let me know. I would love to hear it.

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  1. I apologize if this appears twice. I wrote this comment a a little while ago and then had a screen freeze when I tried to post it.

    I am new to e-reading. I borrowed two titles from the public library to see if I would like the format and the experience. (I am using a Xoom tablet.) Both titles "expired" before I finished them, and I dutifully deleted them. I didn't finish them becuase other concerns got in the way. In general, I did not *dislike* the e-reading experience.

    I bought and downloaded (and read, in its entirety!) "The Beat" when you mentioned it on FB. An interesting foray into the world of e-publishing.